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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What is the Procedure?


Once we have completed a quick check-in, where you get your safety helmet, radio equipment and sign our liability waiver, we take you to our waterfront training ground, right behind our store. Here, we have ample of room to train you before your Segway Tour in great surroundings – no traffic, no disturbances, no people staring – just us, you and the machine!

Our guests usually have the Segway technique down within a few minutes – it is that easy!


Depart on your chosen Segway Sightseeing Cruise with your guide. Now imagine yourself cruising on a state-of-the-art-machine through the beautiful streets of Copenhagen with the wind in your hair, having a great time!


You will end your Segway Cruise experience back at our store where a complimentary, organic refreshment awaits you. Not only that but you will also receive a little fun Segway souvenir….

Many of our guests hang out afterwards and enjoy the sea-side view. Feel free to do so as well!


Ensure everyone in your group is over 135 cm tall and weighs between 35-125 kg. Kids have to be over 12 years of age to ride on public roads - with a legal guardian having signed for them. Families/ groups with kids under the age of 12: We can tailor-make a private tour that doesn't go in the traffic. It is a really great route! 

We require that you are able to stand for the duration of your chosen tour and can step up and down from the Segway with ease. 

If you are pregnant or have any mobility issues, incl. knee or foot problems, you can not participate on our Segway tours. However, we can arrange a rickshaw option for the ones who are unable to ride a Segway. The rickshaw will follow along the tour and you will also get a radio to hear live commentary from our guide. That way the group will stay together!

A Segway is a self balancing transportation device that allows you to freely move around where ever you want to go. It uses a gyroscope to detect the movement of your body. When you lean forward it goes forward, when you lean backwards it reverses. The Segway slows you down if you are going too fast and it will hold your balance perfectly as long as the tires have traction. You should never jump or do tricks on a Segway.

Segway Cruise only uses the latest Segway models and we are owned by the Segway Distributor in Denmark.

Is it difficult to cruise on a Segway?

No, to put it simply! You will get individual training prior to tour start and most of our guests are ready to go within a few minutes! No pressure - all our guides are patient and will ensure you feel safe and comfortable before heading out. Furthermore, please note that our tours start exclusively in a non-traffic zone. 

Another important point to note: Our spacious training ground gives you a solid opportunity to practice before we set off on your Segway Cruise Tour.  

As the only authorized Segway tour operator in the whole country we always have the latest machines for your comfort and safety!


To join our our public tours the child must weigh at least just around 35 kg whilst fulfilling our minimum height requirement of 135 cm.

If you have kids in your group who you do not want to take into any traffic at all then for a small fee during 2020 we are happy to plan a route that does not enter traffic at all and only for you and your family /group. 

Another option is that we can always arrange for a Rickshaw to follow alongside one of our Segway tours if you have kids that cannot be on a Segway at all (or if any elderly would like to come out too). It is a great option to stay together. Please note we need at least 48 hour notice to make a Rickshaw arrangement.



Our Segway tours are completed in almost any kind of weather. If it starts to rain on the tour – or before – you will be offered a complimentary rain-poncho. However, please bring your own rain protective gear to make your Segway Cruise Tour as comfortable as possible. We will never complete a tour in dangerous weather such as: Snow, ice, heavy wind or cloudbursts. We reserve the right to cancel your booked tour under any weather conditions that we deem dangerous for our guests. You will of course get the option to re-book your tour or get a full refund in these cases - please also see our T&C for further info. 

Please always dress according to the weather forecast and wear comfortable, flat shoes. 

Always check the weather before arrival and dress accordingly. In the winter months we highly recommend extra warm clothes and gloves. 

How long before a 'departure' can i book?

During our high-season months (May-Oct) you can book tours up to 1 HR from the starting time online. Always recommended to call in advance. We can receive your booking over the phone up to 30 min before start-time if we have available spaces on your preferred tour. Please note you need to take account for the fact that you need to arrive at our shop 15 minutes before tour start.

In low season months: JAN, FEB, MAR & then NOV, DEC, we do need you to pre-book your tour online at all times.

what are the languages of the guided tours?

All our Copenhagen Sightseeing Tours which can be booked online are all conducted in English. If you would like to book with a Danish speaking guide then contact us for availability.

We also have weekly tours conducted in German - click on "BOOK NOW" and see the departure timings. 

Please contact us if you want a private tour in another language. 

All our guides are proficient to speak a min. of 2 languages - for example Russian, Chinese, French and Spanish.

HOW TO Find us?


If you are arriving by:

Use LANGELINIE ALLE 58, 2100 COPENHAGEN. This address will take you to the backside of our store. Just walk through the big arch on the ground-level and there we are! 

From the city center we are just a 5 min car ride away. 

On the backside we have lots of paid parking in the Green Zone (click here to see prices!). 

Closest station is Oesterport station, which is a 10-12 min walk from us, i.e. to Langelinie Alle 58. If you don't feel like walking then you can also grab bus #27 from the station. Get off at India Kaj (right before a roundabout) and then walk for 3-5 min to our store. 

If you are coming by bus – then did you hear the one about the woman and her baby? A woman gets on a bus with her baby. The bus driver says: ‘Ugh, that’s the ugliest baby I’ve ever seen!’ The woman walks to the rear of the bus and sits down, fuming. She says to a man next to her: ‘The driver just insulted me!’ The man says: ‘You go up there and tell him off. Go on, I’ll hold your monkey for you.’

If you are on cruise ship with a stop in Copenhagen, we are right at your door step on Langelinie Pier #50 ready to take you on a Segway tour and back to your cruise. We are right next to "MARINA LOUNGE". 
If your cruise arrives at the Ocean Quay terminal, we offer a FREE* (see below) pick up service to Langelinie Alle 58 – please book as normal on our booking page and preferably give us a heads up on or call +45 31 63 63 80. Just be sure to keep your taxi receipt and hand it to us!

For our tourists in other City locations, do note that we offer a FREE* (see below) taxi ride to our store. Kindly remember to hand us the receipt so we can subtract the allocated amount to your booking! Just proceed to book on our booking site as normal and the taxi we take care of when you arrive and hand us the receipt.

* Max 50 DKK per person and only one discount service per booking. Example: 3 persons under one booking = max 150 DKK off the taxi receipt – not inclusive of any tips and waiting time. 150DKK is the usual taxi price from the city center to Segway Cruise (excl. tips & any waiting time). Taxi offer only applicable when booking made directly via this website. Cannot be combined with any other discount offer/code or gift-card holders. 
Call if in doubt.

Yes, we accept Copenhagen card

With the Copenhagen Card you are entitled to a 15% discount on all our Segway Tours - except private tours. To get the Copenhagen Card discount, use the following code when booking: Cphcard. Please remember to bring your card to confirm your eligibility to receive the discount once you get to the store. Thank you. 

Kindly note that you cannot take advantage of our taxi offer should you be using the 15% discount.