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Team Building Activities in Greater Copenhagen Area


Segway Cruise Copenhagen is the only authorized Segway Tour Operator in Denmark. That also means we can go outside the greater Copenhagen area and come where ever is convenient for you to have your Segway Event.

To give you examples of where we have been in just this past year, we have done:

  • Kalundborg with great tours in a very special Vineyard combined with Team building activities afterwards
  • Middelfart
  • Århus – at the racetracks where we built some obstacle courses
  • Lykkesholm Castle
  • Kokkedal – we cooperate regularly with the boutique hotel “Kokkedal Castle” and plan many tours and activities around the vast areas of the golf course and forest.

If you happen to be in the greater Copenhagen area and looking for team building activities then we for example can warmly recommend the forest around ‘Bakken’ where there is plenty of space to spread out. Up at Kokkedal Castle is another great example where can do some team building packages in combinations with the facilities of the hotel.

Or keeping it very simple, just come out to us! We have some great facilities to host you right in Copenhagen for some fun and games.


Call or email us to get a quote and remember to let us know what date, time and how many you will be.

Typically our events lasts 2 hours including training and our check-in procedure. What we call the check-in procedure is basically just signing our liability waiver, getting a safety helmet and a radio so you can hear your instructor at all times. This does not take long and people usually are ready to rock the Segway within minutes.


We can do a tour of your preferred area and then finish off with some fun games and get the competitive spirit going afterwards! This is a great way to combine it because by then everyone is the most comfortable with the Segway machines and all ready for a bit of fun, speed and hopefully friendly competition!