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NEWS: One of our valued partners as of Summer 2020, is KAYAK


With customer service in focus, we truly want you to have a great experience during your visit in Copenhagen. Our dedicated guide team, alongside the latest Segway models on the market, will demonstrate just how we at Segway Cruise strive at this on a daily basis.

We are the new kids on the sightseeing block! Therefore, we have a fresh and new perspective on how it should be done.

Segway Cruise Copenhagen was started a few years back by two Segway enthusiasts who wanted to create an affordable way for people to try these amazing self-balancing machines. With that in mind, they created Segway Cruise Copenhagen, as they themselves grew up in Copenhagen and really wanted to showcase this amazing city from the best angle possible – on a Segway! They have spent a lot of time hand-picking a small team of experienced locals to run it alongside a solid guide team to provide these fun & unique tours for tourists and locals alike.


Our logo is not only green because it is an awesome colour, but also because we take pride in our efforts to be a “green” company. Installed by the owners – all employees are waste conscious and everything we have in-house from cleaning products to our coffee etc. is organic. What we serve our customers is 100% organic because we care about serving clean and high-quality products. In our efforts to be an environmentally conscious company we also charge our Segways on power generated from wind-energy on a timer, ensuring we only use what’s necessary. Our chosen partners for our more elaborate events also have a high focus on organic produce and being environmentally sustainable.




Our own guides have all planned the routes of the tours you will be taking very carefully to ensure your safety and that you will see as much as possible. They are definitely passionate in showing you why they love Copenhagen and have all undergone a high standard training and safety course before becoming a Segway Cruise guide. Each guide gives their personal touch to every tour they take with interesting facts and anecdotes about Copenhagen. Furthermore, they all speak a minimum of two languages including Danish, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese – so a private tour in your preferred language might be an option!




As the manager, I am proud to say we are Denmark’s only authorized Segway tour operator offering the best priced, high quality guided sightseeing tours of Copenhagen. We are the only company in Copenhagen who exclusively use the latest Segway models on the market (i2 SE). Please feel free to verify our authorization on and feel comfortable in letting us take you on a Segway Adventure around Copenhagen.




The practical reasons for choosing Segway Guided Tours in Copenhagen:


  • Segway city tours enable you to view many more sights up close than on a bus tour or a canal tour
  • We don’t pollute our wonderful city on our tours
  • You cover much more ground faster than if you were walking.
  • It’s a great way to get familiarized with the city – especially if you choose our 2-hour Segway Tour: The Copenhagen Cruise


The unique reasons to choose Segway Cruise Copenhagen’s Tours & Events:


  • We are the upgraded version: new machines and fresh-faced guides with great stories with loads of Segway experience.
  • For Segway Events we can furthermore bring out more fun Segway original products such as our Ninebots by Segway, the Segway X2, Segway Kickscooters, and the brand-new Segway Drift e-Skates
  • Superior location: You take-off on all our Copenhagen Segway Tours in a non-traffic, no-car zone – there is plenty to see on this stretch and it’s a safe beginning.
  • Any tour length you choose, you will see many key sights – including Amalienborg Palace, The Little Mermaid and Nyhavn. It’s a win-win situation!
  • We love organic! Hence, everything we serve in our store is organic or biodynamic. We care about quality and being socially responsible.
  • Safety first! All our carefully selected guides and our event teams are all fully trained in maneuvering Segways. They will always make sure you feel comfortable and confident riding a Segway before cruising off. You will most likely be surprised at how quickly you pick it up!


So choose us because we are passionate about your tour experience of Copenhagen and giving our guests the best Segway experience we possibly can.


We are the new kids on the block but with two solid seasons under our belt you can count on Segway Cruise to give you an upgraded version on the sightseeing experience in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Are you now ready to Cruise Copenhagen?




If you are interested in Segway rental, buying, or leasing of any of the many authentic Segway products such as Segway i2, Segway X2, Ninebot, Kickscooter, Drift e-skates – please get in touch for more info and prices.


We do not rent out our Segway machines without a guide in central Copenhagen.




If you have been on a tour with us or have any questions/feedback/comments please feel free to contact me. Striving to satisfy our MISSION STATEMENT, it is important for us to know and welcome any comments you may have. We look forward to cruising Copenhagen with you!


Warm regards,


Kasper Kofoed