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How to Ride a Segway

We can assure you that it is not difficult to ride a Segway! It will go much faster than you expect.


Your dedicated guide will start out with giving you a demonstration of how the machine works and then it is your turn.


Relax, step up in the middle of where you are supposed to place your feet, look up and find the balance. That is the point where you are able to stand completely still on the Segway.

Then you start leaning forward to get that forward movement and you lean back to break. You are essentially the break and the speeder. How much you lean forward will decide how fast you go and you will quickly get a sense of that and which pace you feel comfortable with. Use the steering device (aka the lean steer) to turn left or right.


At Segway Cruise all our guides are thoroughly trained to ensure you get it right from the moment you step up on our machines.

Liv, one of our guides, briefly shows you here on this video how to ride the Segway – click on it if you want a preview of what is in store for you!