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Things To Do In Copenhagen


Although Copenhagen is a small city compared to other European capitals, there are still plenty of things to do – and see! We actually think it is an advantage that it is a ‘smaller’ capital because that allows you to explore so much more stuff in a shorter amount of time – and especially on a Segway. This is why booking a guided Segway Cruise Tour of the City is perfect. It allows you to cover all the major sights and thereafter decide what to do next in Copenhagen. Therefore and because we are totally biased – our top recommendation of things to do in Copenhagen is naturally jumping on one of our Segways 😉


Our guides and front-desk staff are always ready to give you recommendations after your Segway tour. We also offer the service that you are more than welcome to contact us for ideas during your stay in Copenhagen well after your tour with us.

Call this our little added-bonus concierge service!

Regardless – we also want to let you of the Segway Cruise team’s top 10 things to do in Copenhagen and after a much heated discussion because all our guides are so passionate – we managed to decide on the following:


Firstly you of course need to book a Segway Sightseeing Tour with us!

Then you need to figure out which sights you enjoyed and feel the urge to learn more about.

To get you started these are our top 10 choices of stuff to do in Copenhagen based on our own routes in the city:

  1. On a sunny day buy a tasty sandwich/ coffee (all organic) at the cafe in the Black Diamond building and head out to the Library Garden across the street. Here you can enjoy the peace and quiet while having a philosophical moment with Soeren Kierkegaard, whose statue is placed in there.
  2. Head over to the Danish Royal Theater for an informal weekend brunch where you can grab some food and look at the rehearsals of the ballerinas. Check with their program directly if you happen to be in town for one of those weekends.
  3. If you are in the mood for something more trendy: Right off the King’s New Square at the side of Hotel D’Anglettere there is a really cool champagne bar called Balthazar. A place where we personally like to sample champagne – of course when we are off duty! Across from it we have one the trendiest hot-spot cafes and club in Copenhagen, called Victor & Lusso. Here you may very likely see a Danish celebrity or two…
  4. Grab a coffee and/ or a traditional Danish “Smørrebrød” lunch at “Skuespilhuset“, the Royal Danish Playhouse, and get a table at the large windows to do some people watching – not in a creepy way.
  5. Cross the cycle bridge right at Skuespilhuset over to Christianshavn. When you get to the other side, there is a cute little food-market with international cuisine. For a chilled – grab’n go then this could be ideal. Keep walking and explore the excentricities of this area and you can venture further out to Freetown Christiania!
  6. When you do find yourself in Christiania then why not keep biking / driving / walking and go out to Refshaleøren, where there is an outdoor, rustic food market called “Reffen”. It has a very chilled, informal atmosphere and probably most cuisines you can imagine! Check out the link and get some inspiration.
  7. For art-lovers then definitely walk down Bredgade to view all the top Danish galleries, vintage furniture stores, auction houses and the Danish Design Museum. The latter also has a nice new cafe.
  8. Try any of these organic Danish bakeries: Meyers, Det rene brød, Emmery’s & Brødflov. You cannot come to Copenhagen or Denmark really without having had some Danish baked goods- so why not choose the top quality! If you don’t care about organic then these are also really great bakeries around the city: Lagkagehuset and Reinh van Hauen.
  9. For culture there is also plenty of must-sees: Check out Glyptoteket, The National Gallery of Denmark, Torvaldsens, Davids Samlingen – to name a few.
  10. Do try to head out to “Kødbyen” (the meatpacking district) which is the more nitty, gritty side of Copenhagen. However, to be clear, a completely safe area. Some great restaurants and fun boutiques have popped up here. It is not exactly on our route, but around a 15 walk from Rådhuspladsen (City Hall Square) which you will see if you choose a tour with us.

Once you have been on one of our tours you will at least have a visual map of Copenhagen’s attractions.


If you are Copenhagen based already and wondering what to do? Then come out by yourself or get a group of friends together and let us tell you some good stories about the city. We are almost certain we can tell you some stuff you didn’t know already if you are local or have visited Copenhagen many times.


Then do a unique thing in the City of course! Come out to Segway Cruise Copenhagen (however always recommended to call in advance!).

Not only do we offer guided tours but if you are a group looking for something special to do in Copenhagen, we should definitely be an option to consider! Planning a day out on a Segway is a unique thing to do that will for sure create fun memories as you’re experiencing something new and exciting together. Let us plan your bachelor/bachelorette party, anniversary, family day, birthday, engagement, etc.

We have a large fleet of Segway machines so we can easily help you plan that special event whether you are a small or larger group.

Our Event Team is ready and on-call to custom-make each single request that fit your needs and budget.

Examples of what we have previously done includes Treasure Hunts throughout the city, fun-games, obstacle courses, team-building exercises, special tours all around the city, and much much more! We happily come out to a location convenient to you and can organize Events all over the country.


Firstly our tours run all year long and is a unique thing to do whether it is Summer or Winter. There are no excuses for not coming out to visit Segway Cruise and embracing the outdoors!

On our Segway tours in Copenhagen you will see more than 10 of the main sights if you choose our 1-hour tour – the City Center Cruise. It will take you from Langelinie Pier all the way to Nyhavn. This stretch is perfect for Segway cruising – it’s a no-car zone and you’ll still come up close to experience key sights. For instance, one of the first stops we’ll make is by The Little Mermaid, where you can get a photo with the famous lady. Other interest points on this stretch include The Royal Opera House, The Royal Palace (Amalienborg), Kastellet (The Citadel – however closed in 2020), the Gefion Fountain and much more.

If you end up on our 2-hour tour – the Copenhagen Cruise – we will continue onwards when we reach Nyhavn (where the 1 hour tour cuts off) towards the inner city. Here you will see Christiansborg Palace (Parliament), and go through the cosy streets in the Latin Quarter. This will really give you a good feel of the typical Copenhagen lifestyle. On this tour, we will also make a stop in the cafe in the Danish Royal Theater where we have some exclusive offers just for our Segway Cruise guests. This is a great opportunity to sample some organic coffee/tea and traditional Danish pastries or cakes. The cafe is operated by the Meyer Group, co-founder of the infamous Noma Restaurant. After our short break, the fun definitely continues! You will for instance on your Segway Cruise back to our shop be seeing the Marble Church – and that is a pretty impressive view! – and drive right up to Amalienborg Palace (the Queen’s Palace). On this tour you will really get a chance to test out your Segway skills.


All of our Segway tours and sightseeing options can be done on a more exclusive basis meaning on one of our private VIP tours. These can be custom-made just for you and your group and you’ll have your guide completely to yourself. If there is a language you prefer then check in with us to see if we can accommodate.

You can decide to book a Copenhagen Evening Tour and cruise alongside the water while seeing the sun-set. That could be a a pretty unique thing to do at night time! Also many of our guests love to see The Changing of the Guard Ceremony at Amalienborg Palace (The Royal Palace). This is not always possible to do and time accordingly on our public tours, but with a private VIP tour we can make sure you will get up close to watch the Guard change right on the Palace square.

We can also plan a special Segway tour out to Christania and continue out to the new Copenhagen Food Market on Refshaleøen, which just opened last year.

After any Segway tour you choose with us, we will be happy to offer you insights of what to do or where to go next in Copenhagen!


What to do in Copenhagen should not be a concern to you if you have spotted Segway Cruise! We cater for any group size and try to be as fair and accommodating as we possibly can on pricing.

Our standard of delivering great tours can be validated by some of our major corporate clients, which include: Carlsberg, Haribo, IKEA, The Danish Army and Copenhagen Airport. For the latter we for instance planned a route from their location in Kastrup into the City Center with lots of interesting sights on the way.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate some Segway fun into your itinerary, whether it is in the Capital or elsewhere.


So if you are looking for things to do in Copenhagen, a Segway tour or event with us is a great way to create some fun-filled memories!

Email or call us to book your next Segway Event or Private VIP Tours. If you just want to jump on one quickly, you can easily book directly on our website.

We continue to looking forward to welcoming you!