Explore Christmas markets and Copenhagen this winter

in one combined guided Segway Tour

Cruise through the streets of Copenhagen and see over 10 of the main sights of the city during this winter season.
We will make a stop half-way through so you can roam through one of the major Christmas fairs by the famous Nyhavn. This tour will guarantee to get you in the seasonal spirit and enjoy the Danish Christmas hygge.
Purchase the add-on to try a glass of traditional Danish mulled wine when you return from your cruise. Warning: For Vikings only!
Segway Cruise offers you a unique and new opportunity to explore Copenhagen’s Christmas markets and experience the Danish Christmas ‘hygge’
Your Segway experience will begin at our waterfront shop where we will train you in spacious surroundings before taking off on this seasonal Copenhagen Christmas Cruise!
Majority of this tour takes place in a no-car zone, including the first half of the tour, so you will have ample of opportunity to just relax and enjoy the fun stories of Copenhagen your guide will provide via the hifi radio system. You will get to explore more than 10 of the major sights of Copenhagen including the iconic Little Mermaid, the colourful Nyhavn, the beautiful Amalienborg Palace (the Queens residence) and the Citadel.
About halfway through the tour we will make a stop in the Royal Danish Theatre where we will park the Segways. You are then free to take about 30 minutes to roam around the two adjacent Christmas markets or sit in the cafe of the theatre and enjoy an organic cup of hot chocolate! It’s up to you.
Your guide will be more than happy to transport any purchases made on the markets back to the store for you – we just kindly ask you wait with buying your Christmas tree 🙂
This tour will for sure get you into the Danish Christmas spirit – so come explore true Danish ‘hygge’ on this seasonal Segway Christmas Tour.
We end the Segway Experience back in our store where we will have some organic goodies and hot drinks for you to warm up on – as well as our fun Segway Souvenir ! You can also add the option of purchasing the infamous Danish mulled wine (gløgg) which we will have ready for you when you return – it comes with a warning though: Very strong, for Vikings only!
We’re Denmark’s only official Segway importer which means that we always have the latest Segway model ready for you to use.
We at Segway Cruise look forward to experiencing an unforgettable Segway cruise through Copenhagen with you, getting you in the mood for Christmas.