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Winter & Christmas Tours (1 HR 45 min)

“Copenhagen Winter & Christmas Tours”


1 HR & 45 MIN // DKK 399 PR PERSON


This year we are introducing new and fresh Segway Winter Cruises which will run until April 2020. Your 1 hour and 45 min will include your training and super short check-in procedure. It is truly some fun time spent in Copenhagen!

See over 10 of the major sights of the city and get to warm up at our cafe-stop half way through the tour.

This Segway Winter Tour is a slightly extended version of our 1-hour tour and includes a 20-minute stop halfway-through at the cafe in the Royal Danish Theater where you can warm up and enjoy a hot beverage if you wish.

Please note purchases made at the cafe are not included in the price of the tour, but we have some very special offers at the cafe exclusively reserved to our Segway Cruisers. Your guide will let you know when you make the stop.


Please remember to layer up and also inform the rest of your group! You will be standing still on a Segway Tour so kindly bear that in mind. You will have the opportunity to purchase extra hand / footwarmers at our shop and a nice warm cap to have under your helmet if you wish.


We have also extended our gløgg offer while we offer this Winter tour. We believe Christmas is a state-of-mind and not a season 😉 Purchase the add-on “gløgg” to try a glass of traditional Danish mulled wine when you return from your cruise. Warning: For Vikings only!

When you purchase the tour you can also add on our hand- or feetwarmers and stay cosy warm and comfortable throughout your Segway Winter Tour.


Your Segway experience will begin at our waterfront shop where we have some great surroundings to train you in. On average our guests only require a few minutes to get the hang of it – mostly because we got great guides giving you the right instructions!

Majority of this tour takes place in a no-car zone and is an extension of our 1 HR tour. It is more relaxed and you can thoroughly take in the sights and great stories about Wonderful Copenhagen – which will come live to you at all times from your dedicated guide via our headset-radio system. You will get to explore more than 10 of the major sights of Copenhagen including the iconic Little Mermaid, the colourful Nyhavn & the beautiful Amalienborg Palace (the Queens residence) – to name just a few things on this tour….

About halfway through the tour we will make a 20-minute stop in the cafe of the Royal Danish Theatre on Kongens Nytorv right in the middle of Copenhagen. Here you can warm up with a nice hot & organic beverage inside – or outside if you are feeling the Viking vibes. No purchases are necessary, there are however special prices for our Segway Cruisers.

After the stop, we continue back towards the Segway Cruise shop, where you will see even more of Copenhagen, including the Marble Church & the iconic Citadel; a still-functioning military site! When you get back to our store your gløgg purchase or another non-alcoholic complimentary beverage will be waiting for you.


Come rain, come snow – the Segway must go! Here in the winter months our Segway Cruise tours are done in all kinds of weather. As we have the latest, sturdiest models there is nothing holding us back – except of course if we deem the weather dangerous or unsafe. In those cases we will let you know in as much advance time as possible and you will be given a full refund or the opportunity to re-schedule – please also see our T&C


We at Segway Cruise are already looking forward to showing you Copenhagen during Winter time and really soak up the Christmas atmosphere if you happen to be here in Nov & Dec.  Again, remember to dress warm and we will take it from there ensuring you get a memorable tour!