Copenhagen Segway Sightseeing Tours


For the best tours in Copenhagen look no further! Let’s first mention that we are highly aware that modesty can be endearing but we need to toot our own horn in this case as we know we deliver tours worth tooting about – unfortunately no one else will do it for us…

Just keep reading here and you will feel assured that Segway Cruise Copenhagen is the right place for you and your group. Not only is your tour of Copenhagen memorable because it is on a Segway – which takes no time to learn how to stand on by the way – but also because we got a solid group of guides who truly care about that you and everyone on their tour has a great time! We feel there is nothing worse than returning with a lukewarm group who are not returning with beaming smiles about all that they have just experienced.


If Segway’ing is not for everyone in the group, we can also arrange for Rickshaws to follow alongside the main Segway Tour. This can be the case if you for example have elderly people or young kids that do not meet our criteria for being able to join the tour. They can have a blast instead in the back of the Rickshaw and be escorted by an experienced driver. The driver will follow along on the tour so you guys for example can get your pictures taken together at our various photo stops. Everyone in the rickshaw will also be equipped with our radio-gear so they can hear the Segway Guide’s live commentary around Copenhagen. It is not to be missed if you can’t get everyone up on the Segway!


We are aware you have a plethora of tours in Copenhagen to choose from. What is unique about our Segway Tours is that you cover much more ground than by foot and get closer to the monuments than on any boat or bus tours. Plus they do pollute our beautiful city…. We just have to mention that as we do pride ourselves with being electrical and only are “fueled” by green energy, i.e. wind. If you look outside our window when you arrive you can see the windmills in the sea which are powering us.

Our concept of being green also extends to that we only use “green” and non-chemical cleaning products in our entire shop. Conventionel cleaning products affect the environment as many of the ingredients in these are harmful for both animals and people.

Furthermore, we serve only organic or bio-dynamic refreshments after your tour – because we care about our guests and your well-being. When we serve pesticide and chemical free drinks, we feel we have left you with the most ‘wholesome’ experience we could.


Don’t be alarmed if you think that our Segway Tours can’t run if it rains or if the weather is slightly bad. That is unfortunately the name of the game when choosing Denmark as a destination…

But rest assured that the Segway machines can handle practically any kind of weather! In Norway they even run while it snows… so in Copenhagen there are very rare circumstances where we have to re-book or move your tour due to the weather conditions. All our guides are outdoorsy and will make sure that you soon forget about any wet weather if that is the case. A hot – and of course organic – refreshment will definitely be awaiting you as you return to the store.


Regarding clothing for our tour, we will ensure you get the correct rain gear if you do not arrive prepared. We always recommend that you check the weather forecast before getting out to us and have your own gear with you. We feel that everyone is typically most comfortable wearing their own stuff.

Remember you stand still on a Segway so if you are prone to getting cold then wear an extra layer and/ or ask for some gloves or hand-warmers once we reach the more chilly months and you will be just fine.