Frequently asked questions

About Segway® PT's

A Segway is a self balancing transportation device that allows you to freely move around where ever you want to go. It’s super easy to use a Segway – it uses a gyroscope to detect the movement of your body. When you lean forward it goes forward, when you lean backwards it reverses. The Segway slows you down if you are going too fast and it will hold your balance perfectly as long as the tires have traction. You should never jump or do tricks on a Segway. Segway Cruise only uses the latest Segway models as we are owned by the Segway Distributor in Denmark

Is it difficult to cruise on a Segway® PT?

No, and our trained guides will give you all the training you need, to feel safe on your Segway. But most of our guests are ready to go within 5 minutes, once you get the connection with the Segway, you are ready to go! The Segway uses a gyroscope to detect your movement: lean forward to drive, lean backwards to slow down or stop, and control the directions with the handlebar – it really is that simple! As the authorised Segway tour operator in the country we always have the latest machines for your safety!

Our spacious waterfront training ground is the ideal private setting to learn and practice. Our location makes it possible for you to take off through quiet ‘no car’ paths and ease into the traffic. 

Some practical information:

Your weight must be within 40 to 125kg. You must be at least 135cm tall. We don’t ride with kids under the age of 12 on public roads but we can tailor-make a private event for your family.

If you are pregnant or have mobility issues you can not participate on our tours. We require that you are able to stand for the duration of your chosen tour and can step up and down from the Segway with ease.

If you have younger children or someone in your team not comfortable/able to cruise on a Segway we offer a Rickshaw solution or a Cycle. Whilst you cruise on your Segway(s) the others will follow along beside you in the comforts of a chauffeured Rickshaw or on their own cycle. Please note we need at least 48 hour notice for this supplement to make the arrangements. 

You are not allowed to be under influence of Alcohol, Drugs or Strong Medication

What about the Weather?

Our tours are completed in almost any kind of weather. If it starts to rain on the tour or before, you will be offered a complimentary rainponcho, but please bring your own rain clothes to make your cruise as comfortable as possible. We will never complete a tour in dangerous weather such as, snow, ice, heavy wind or cloudbursts.

We always recommend you to wear comfortable clothes. For the ladies – we do not accept high heels, so please put on your comfy shoes.

Always check the weather before arrival and dress accordingly.  In the winter months we highly recommend warm clothes and gloves.

How quick can I book?

You can book tours up to 1 hour from the starting time online and at our front desk at Langelinie you can book up to 15 min before start. We do recommend you to book online at all times, just to make sure there are no disappointments. Welcome to call us if easier: +45 31 63 63 80. Please note that from 1st November 2017 – 31st March 2018 you need to pre-book your tour.

You can always change the date or time for your tour, please contact us minimum 2 hours before start. If you want to get your money back, we offer you a 14 days refund service.

Do you speak any other languages?

Yes of course, our guides speak multiple languages such as German and Spanish. Our 2 main tours are completed in Danish and/ or English. Please contact us if you want a tour in another language.

How to get here

We are located at Langelinje Alle 58, 2100 Kbh. Ø, at the picturesque harbour from where you will take off on your Segway Tour. Our location ensures you are on your way to the main sights of Copenhagen in no time! At Langelinie, you will have spacious surroundings to practice – and hang out if you wish afterwards. 

If you are coming from the Langelinie Kaj side, we are the last shop after the stairs on the left hand side. 

Parking: Ample of very convenient 3 hours free parking right in front of our store – put Langelinie Kaj 52 into your GPS and you’ll arrive at the parking spaces. 
Train: Closest station is Østerport. We are a 10-12 min walk from there
If you are on cruise ship with a stop in Copenhagen, we are at your door step ready to take you on a tour and back to your cruise.
If your cruise arrives at the Ocean Quay terminal, we offer a FREE* pick up service to Langelinie Quay – please book as normal on our booking page and preferably give us a heads up on info@segwaycruise.com or call +45 31 63 63 80. Just be sure to keep your taxi receipt! 
For our non-cruise guests who are coming from other locations in the City, we also offer a FREE* taxi ride to our store just remember to keep the receipt! Kindly proceed to book on our booking site as normal.
* Max 50 DKK per person, and only one discount service per booking. Example: 3 persons = max 150DKK off the taxi receipt (150DKK is the usual max taxi price from the city center to Segway Cruise). Only one discount service per booking. Cannot be combined with any other discount offer or if you are a Bellevue Box or Get Your Guide customer.
Call if in doubt.

Copenhagen Card / Copenhagen Cruise Card

We accept both cards which each gives you a 15% discount on our Segway Tours. You can book online with code: cphcard please remember to bring your card to confirm your discount once you get to the store.

We sell the Copenhagen Cruise Card. The price is 299dkk /40 EUR. It’s a tailor-made 12-hour city card for cruise guests which includes: 3 visits of own choice (between 79 museums and sights) + free public transportation in the entire Copenhagen Region + discounts on restaurants, attractions + Bring along 2 children under 9 years for free. For full terms read here: www.copenhagencruisecard.com

If you want to purchase the Copenhagen Cruise Card we advice to email/call us ahead to reserve or purchase, to ensure availability.